For contractors: Acquiring a permit for commercial construction

Permits & Inspections
Walker Municipal Building
10136 Florida Boulevard
Walker, LA 70785

Phone: 225.665.8893

7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday


All contractors doing business in the City of Walker must have a City of Walker contractor's license. For instructions on applying for a license, click here. For a license application, click here.

Obtaining a permit

Buildings in Walker must be constructed using the International Building Code. For a list of applicable construction codes and editions, click here. The following items must be approved before a permit will be issued for commercial construction:

1. A site plan
2. Construction plans
3. A storm water retention study
4. Landscape design
5. Flood Elevation Certificates, which can be obtained from a surveyor of your choosing:

» Building Under Construction Elevation Certificate
» Finished Construction Elevation Certificate

Builders must supply one set of construction documents to the Louisiana State Fire Marshall at the following address:

State of Louisiana
Department of Public Safety & Corrections
8181 Independence Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone: 225.925.4920

Builders must supply the following construction documents to the City of Walker:

1. Three sets of construction document plans [one for the Permit Department, one for the Fire Department District #4, one for the Utility Department]
2. A plat showing the location of the building
3. A completed Building Permit Application. To obtain one online, click here.
4. A Drainage Impact Study [see details below]

Building codes

Your plans will be reviewed for code compliance. For a list of applicable construction codes and editions, click here.

Drainage Impact Study

Any development in the City of Walker that requires a Drainage Impact Study will be required to submit a copy of the study to the Permit Department and a copy to the City Engineer at the following location:


Chad Bacas, P.E.

City of Walker Engineer
1234 Del Este Avenue
Denham Springs, LA 70726
Phone: 225.665.1021

The developer will be required to pay the City Engineer to review the drainage plan. That review will include the following:

1. Review the report for compliance with the City of Walker's Land Development Regulations. This requires that post-development runoff rates do not exceed pre-development rates.
2. Review calculations on the pre- and post-conditions. Verify that detention basins or other feathers will meet requirements.
3. Review effects on any adjacent properties and require that the developer make provisions for handling runoff from these adjacent properties.
4. Verify that the development does not adversely affect any nearby drainage ditches.

The actual cost of the Drainage Impact Study review will be determined by hourly rates, including overhead. However, the estimated fee to be charged directly to the developer typically would not exceed the following:

Size of project Example Estimated fee
Small development or single drainage basin Store with parking $1,200
Medium development or several drainage basins Townhomes, small commercial with parking $1,800
Large development with multiple basins and drainage ditches Subdivision $2,500

The developer will NOT be issued a letter to proceed until the Drainage Impact Study has been approved and the fee to the City Engineer has been paid. No exceptions. Contact Building Inspector Jimmy Watson at 225.665.8893 if you have any questions.

Plan review stage

The builder must pay a plan review fee of $.02 per square foot with a $50 minimum fee. In this stage of the process:

1. The building permit fee is calculated based on the project cost.
2. The plans are reviewed for code compliance.
3. Once the review is complete, the applicant will receive a plan review letter containing the permit fee amount as well as any changes that must be made to the project to meet code compliance.

Once the applicant pays the building permit fee, a laminated copy of the building permit will be issued, along with electrical, plumbing and mechanical permit applications and any informational forms the builder may need to reference. An Electrical Permit Application is available online here. A Plumbing Permit Application is available online here. A Mechanical Permit Application is available online here.

Now that you have a permit

» Permits must be posted on the job site, along with the address and lot number.
» Electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits are required on all jobs before the rough-in begins.
» Inspections of foundations [including rough-in plumbing] will be done as soon as possible after the call for an inspection.
»A Flood Elevation Certificate is required. A Buidling Under Construction Elevation Certificate must be supplied to this office before construction begins, and the Finished Construction Elevation Certificate must be turned in before a final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
» All other inspections, such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical, will be done the same day or the next business working day.
» No inspections will be done without a permit.
» All jobs are required to have a dumpster for trash and construction debris removal.
» No open burning.
» All jobs are required to have a portable toilet on site.
» Erosion protection shall be installed within the street right-of-way before construction begins.
» A $50 re-inspection fee will be charged when a second trip to a construction site is required due to rejection or lock-out.